Adopt a Hive

Now offering the ultimate beehive learning experience.  We bring one of our hives to your backyard.  Bees gather your local nectar and we harvest the honey for you, showing you in person what its like to be a beehive master.

Bees Kept at Your House

We bring one of our hives to your property.  The bees will find and use flowers from your neighborhood!

We Harvest The Honey

We will come and do all the work to harvest the honey.  You will get to keep this honey from your local nectar.

Great Family Experience

We teach about the bees as one adult and child use our provided bee suits as you watch the bees work!

Everything You Need to Know

Are northern bees in trouble?
Yes they are.  Unfortunately bees from all over the country are in rapid decline.  This means less pollination for our local flowers and the quality of our enviornment.  Good news is you can adopt a hive and help save our local bee community.  With your hive the local habitat will regain strength and your bees will provide you will honey from your local neighborhood.
I don't know anything about bees, can I still adopt a hive?
Absolutely!  One of the benefits of our adopt a hive program is we do all the work.  You can watch, learn, ask questions or do nothing but enjoy the honey once we are finished harvesting.  You can be involved as much or as little as you wish.  This is a great program for everyone of all knowledge levels.
Will I get stung by the bees?
Bees can sting, however they only wish to take care of their hive.  When it comes time to get close to the bees we will provide the required safety gear for one adult and one child.
Do I get to keep the bees?

In our adopt a hive program you do not get to keep the bees. Our program is designed to give you an amazing experience in caring for the hive from the summer harvest to the winter wrapping.   Our learning program is for one year and is designed to give you the best experience possible.  For one year we keep our hive in your backyard.  

Do the bees make us honey?
Of course :).  The best part about adopting your very own bees is they will harvest the local pollun from the local flowers.  This helps produce honey that not only tasts amazing but is very healthy for those with allergies.  Bees will work hard to make honey and during the fall we will come harvest that honey.  You can expect somewhere around 10 lbs of honey from your hive. (a $70 value)!.
What about the cold, do the bees die?
Our winters are tough on us and on the bees.  We do everything we can to help our bees make it through the winter but we only expect each hive to serve a single harvest.
How do I get started?
All you have to do is secure your hive by letting us know you are interested.  The best way to start is to give our head bee keeper a phone call.  This way you can ask any questions and learn more about this exciting learning opportunity.

Call Dane at: 906-440-6917

Our Hive Adoption Program is Open for 2019

To find out more and secure a spot please call and ask for Dane.  Look forward to talking with you!

Call For More Information - (906) 440 - 6917